Monday, May 14, 2007

Curse of the Golden Flower

First I watched this in a computer from a CD that was brought by a friend from China . It isn't exactly a feel-good movie, I thought. It's hard to describe what this film does, without spoiling the movie and that structure is it's strength. Suffice to say, this is a very exhuberant movie, but not a realistic movie, a movie where direction and production are the extreme stars in the field of Chinese movies. And that is also "Curse of the golden flower"'s weakness. Moviegoers are used to seeing the full spectrum of a movie; varied scenery and ambiance, multiple stories, realistic characters, a realistic society portrait, and so on. Certainly, this movie has strong characters, but like the imperial court setting, they are puppets, that said , the degree in which I'm interested in this movie is medium, it means it's not bad and not good.

summary writing of take-away food

The excerpt from the article from Japanese Hirrosaki university shows us that take-away food may damage our eyes.

Even though the article's writer didn't offer enough evidence to prove this 100%, its exact persuasive conclusion about the experiment of rats that were fed differently, the study came to the conclusion that overtaking MSG could cause damage to the eyes.

Scientists told us at the end of the newsletter that MSG is usually used in Chinese take-away food. In order to prevent damaging our eyes, don't eat take-away food too often.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The unswers about Earth Hours

What is this?

Two days ago I atempted to look up from the Oxford dictionary what the Earth hour means, but there was no entr with it. I thought I may find it on the Internet. The answer was as follows:

The Earth Hour is a publicity slogan that makes you aware taht everybody should take part in an action which makes you to turn off you home lights just for one hour at 7:30pm on 31March 2007, in order to decrease global warming.

Monday, March 26, 2007

my thought about state electoral system

In my memory the China electoral system, even thou the lowest level, is still more serious than here. From this pictures I can see the electoral process is so informal. It looks like some exhibition, if you don't look carefully, it is hard to discover that is a voting station, but if you read some of the electoral brochures, they show you in a simple way what the parties want to achieve for the local community, the benefits taht they will bring to the residents. But often they are only promises!

the answer again

At last I eventually found out this country's name, it 's COLOMBIA .The answer to your question the answer may be too late, the name Colombia has its origin, that is its name comes from the great explorer Christopher Columbus, the person who discovered the Americas. So from Colombus we get Colombia!

the last guessing

Depending on all of clues I have a solution: that country would be URUGUAY. The reasons are as follow :
1 Rosa 's brother can speak English and Spanish very well, a most of the pictures were taken in a coastal area of the country .
2 Rosa said that the country is located either in the centre or the south of the south American continent.

about multiculture

I have firstly known the "Harmony Day" one year ago,that time cant let me really understand to it, because i come from a different society system country, you couldn’t think difference in positive or negative way in my option the explanation which the Harmony is sole of any culture any country but just little difference. China is a nominal lot of nations country which the primary is the Han nationality, its culture characteristic followed of traditional Confucian culture that is important to this big country from 2000 years up to now ,then formed Chinese only can assimilation foreign culture but cant permit take place traditional things or refuse be assimilation by oversees ,it is acted by most of Chinese on contemporary, so Chinese's Harmony meaning is narrow .

Australia was a colony of Britain 200 years ago, British culture deeply has taken root here , however half of century recently more and more oversees immigrations come here to exploit it, the change of population's construction leads to naissance multicultural ,the other way ,let us analyze characteristic about English, I looked up dictionary, English came from Latin English vocabulary always continually increases, so English is multiral language, multicultural is real compatible.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Correcting my unswer

Thank Rosa's clues, I read some information on Columbus landfall and voyage in order to get rid of plenty of useless information, so I got a conclusion that the country must be American and at the same time it must be some coastal city in the south of North American (USA).
I think that exercises of this kind of photo collage can help us improve our independant reading skills and collecting and arranging information skills, if there is enough time and it is possible, we should do more in the future.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Unswering questions

Harmony Day is a special Australia only owned celebration, that began in 1999. It occurs on 21st March each year and celebrates Australia 's success as a diverse society united by a common set of values.
In my opinion ever since 1945 more than six million people have arrived here, they come from at least 100 countries and languages , that has hugely increased the Australia population which has created Australia's particular culture --multicultural. Harmony day was born based on it. Equality, freedom and democracy are motifs of Harmony day .

Kogarah will hold the following activities on Harmony day:
Harmony day morning tea and information stall will be held at our community centre on 21Th march .
There will be various activities for staff and students at
St GeorgeTAFE .
The Bambino's Kindergarten will have classroom activities with a harmony day focus.


For a start , I think the climate which is shown by the photos tells me they were taken in some country from central or south Africa because all of the northen half earth of Africa would still be in the winter. The scenes in the photos show thet none of them could have been taken in the northern hemisphere, because February is still winter in the northern half of the world. Secondly, I can assume they must have been taken in some costal country of central or south Africa through analysing clothing the people wear , the country is situated along the Indian ocean or south Atlantic ocean coastal line below the Equator . I can see black children on the photos and white people, so I reached a conclusion, these photos were taken in South Africa.

Put together with two lists improving English way

1. Listen to the radio inside the kitchen.2. Listen to the radio in the car.3. Watch T.V. after dinner for about 20 minutes4. Watch the news every night.5. You can listen to the radio when you cook.6. Listen to the TV when you do your housework.7. You can watch TV with teletext.8. You can watch children's shows.9. You can watch DVDs and read the subtitles in English.10. You can listen to some songs when you do your homework.11. Listen to people on the street.12. You can go to the church to listen to the Pastor talk about Day by Day with God.

13. You can talk on the telephone.14. You can phone trades people when things need to be fixed.15. You can phone the real estate agent if you need anything to be fixed.16. You can talk with your family.17. You can talk with your friends.18. You can talk about the weather.19. You can talk about your countries.20. You can talk about your family.21. You can talk about TV programs.22. You can talk about movies you've seen.23. You can talk about your life in your country of origin.24. You can ask for directions.25. You can give directions.26. You can go to church and talk with different people.27. Speak at home for least 2 hours .(English of course).
28. You can speak in the shop with the sales assistant.
29. You can talk to the waiter at a restaurant when you order your food.
30. You can ask the waiter about how the food is cooked.
31. You can talk about recipes with your friends.
32. You can leave message on a phone answering machine.
We can talk to teacher and parents in our children school.
We can talk to the neighbour.
Practice English when you home as much as you can.
Try to talk the right way of some word which you can't pronoun right.
Hang out with some Friends who speak English and try to talk with them.
We can talk with our children at home .
Always remember speak English with your friends even though he know your mother tongue.
W hen you want to say sth but you don't know how to say it must asking it and then making correctly impression.
Talking in the mirror at home .
When you are angry try to speck not your language
Talking online with Western people.
Sometimes we can have a excursion with different friend

33. Read the newspaper when you travel in a train.34. Read the newspaper on the bus.35. You can read the ads (specials, cars, etc) in your local newspaper.36. You can read novels.37. You can read poetry.38. You can read teletext when watching TV.39. You can read the subtitles on SBS movies.40. You can read the subtitles when you go to see a foreign movie.41. You can read subtitles when watching DVDs at home.42. You can read magazines.43. You can read the information on food packets.44. Read recipes in our class blog.45. Read recipes in magazines46. Read cook books.47. Read instructions on electrical appliances.48. Read instruction for your medicine.49. Read the doctor’s prescriptions.50. Read the signs on the streets.51. Read the signs in a shop.52. Read the labels in clothes.53. Read newspapers or magazines when you while for a doctor’s appointment.54. Help your children with homework.55. Read and write the e-mails in the computer every day.56. You can go to the library to read novels.57. You can read every day about current events in the newspaper.58. You can go on the Internet and read about many things.59. You can read about popular pop stars.60. You can read about important people.
We can study with our children.
Go to English class regularly.
We can read simple English book from library.
Reading children books.

61.You can write recipes.You can write a note to your teacher.62. You can write about your day in your diary.63. You can write letters to your friends or family.64. You can write a form.65. You can write a letter applying for a job.66. You can write E-mails.67. You can write in the computer.68. You can write your shopping list and check the spelling in the shop.69. You can write postcards.70. You can write invitations.71. You can write birthday cards.73. You can write sympathy cards.
Finish every homework which teacher has given.
Try to use the knowlege that teacher taught in the class in the everyday life if possible.
Try to keep studying English everyday.
You can learn English in the pub ,but i think it is better if you learn in TAFE because the best teachers are there.
Working as a volunteer in community centre.
Teach Chinese to local people.
In my opinion, it is not difficult for people who want to practise English outside the classroom if they want to. Also, there are a lot of ways to do that. I prefer to watch English programs on TV. It is good to improve my listening.
write some interesting things on the Internet.
The most important thing is to use English as often as you can. You would be a native speaker in a few days
Sometimes we can go on an excursion with different friends.
Sometimes we can invite our neighbours home for a cup of tea and speak English with them.
Everyday we can study English and we can talk in English every time everywhere.
We can talk on the phone to make an appointment with the doctor.

I have an idea that you can study different courses in TAFE, the course called OUTREACH. In outreach, they have computer course, first aid, childcare, community services,etc.There you can learn different subject, different words, different English texts in different contexts.

Helping teachers in a school.
Working in an age care center.
Building your own business
Go to the library to read some English books.
Go to join a club, become a member. There are a lot of old men in the club, you could talk to the men and drink beer together. It is a good way to improve your speaking.
we first study with Certificate in Spoken and Written English book wish to improved our English
You can invite some classmates or friends who speak English very well to your home to have a party.ANNIE
You can make an appointment with the electrician on the phone because technical workers speak very fast
You can watch English films or 'DVD' and read the subtitles in English at the same time. You could watch one scenery times and repeat the pronunciation.
You must review new words everyday
we must correct your class notes after class
we must insist on having a chat with a native speaker
You can make an interview by MSN messenger in English
Going to church.
When you wait for a train you can talk with local people.
very new word can be repeated 12 times .
listen to the some short radio talk program and record it, then repeat that for a few times until you understand it.
every day you can watch your own language news first, then watch the English news. That will help you to understand what people say.
Every day you should repeat 10 new words.
You can marry western people if you are single. This is an easy way to learn English very quickly.
I think to learn English is not easy for us, because we are adults. If you are children, maybe you learn English quickly. Everyone has different ways to study English, that's up to you. But now I think everyone needs to do everything for yourself,that is good for us and that is very important.Don't get help when you go to the doctor. Don't go with your husband or a friend who speaks English, go by yourself.
This is my suggestion:IF someone sells something on the phone or shop, you can talk to them
We can decide to have a big English party. All different levels of English persons together, we talk about ourselves, ask questions to each other, etc
I like reading stories to my son using English
I like to go to church and talk with western people for a short time. I like having chats with people from my church.
We try learning in different ways. For example we can borrow a study book from the library.
I can have an interview to apply for my Australian citizenship.
In my thought when you are learning English only one way will be selected that is industrious and mad .After class we must be learning 7 hours everyday at least.
Edited by author 03-05-2007 07:26 PM 81. You can take your dictionary every seconds. When you find some new words which you don't know the meaning, you could use your dictionary to know these words. For example: some new words on the advertisement board, etc.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Comparing differences between the Pylon Lookout and the Harbour Bridge

The Pylon lookout genera admission was divided three sort of degree depend on age :

Just over 13 years (inclusive 13 years) : $9
8 years until 12 years : $3.5
children ( 7years and under ) :free

The harbour bridge standard Rates are divided into four sort of different prices :

Adult : $169---$189( day or night ) $249 ( twilight ) 295$ ( exclusive down )
Child : $100---$125 ( day or night ) $185 ( twilight ) 195$ (exclusive down)


1 The Pylon lookout and Harbour Bridge have a big different in price. More than $200 Australian dollars in some cases.

2 The standard of classifying is different too: the Pylon lookout depends on age and the Harbour Bridge depends on the period of day. The other thing is that the Harbour bridge only has two sorts of Adult and Child in price. Howerer the Pylon lookout has three kinds of prices.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Harbin temperature

Harbin , which is at the same latitude as Montreal, is terrible for its really chilly winter and winter temperatures as low as --38℃ have been recorded . Bring more clothes than you think you 'll need, so that you can have many layers to protect you from the extreme cold weather of Harbin.